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Regenesis is an Identity Thinking Program designed to help Christians embrace their lost identities and abandoned heritages.


God is raising a generation of people who are insisting on BEING Who HE made them to BE and our programs are designed by inspiration to help you embrace the truth about your identity.


OUR MANDATE is threefold

  1. To raise up and help people rediscover and exist in  their Original state and embrace the original thinking.

  2. To cause them to inherit their desolate or abandoned inheritance in Christ. 

  3. To empower people to step out of obscurity and shine boldly and brightly in their spheres of influence and calling. 

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Our Mission Is to Empower


Signature Identity Coaching Programs


Certified Christian Identity Coaches


Originals restored


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Our Core Values

We practice what we preach

We are guided by our core value of Faith, which is the foundation of everything we do. We believe that our faith in God gives us the strength and wisdom to help our clients achieve their goals and fulfill their God-given purpose.

Our commitment to Faith means that we operate with integrity, honesty, and transparency in all our interactions with our clients. We are dedicated to providing personalized coaching that is rooted in Biblical principles and aligned with God's plan for each individual's life.

We believe that every person is created with unique gifts and talents, and we strive to help our clients discover and develop these gifts to their fullest potential. Our coaching process is designed to empower our clients to overcome obstacles, make positive changes, and live their lives with purpose and passion in their ORIGINAL State.

We are committed to providing a supportive and uplifting environment that fosters growth, healing, and transformation. We believe that through the power of prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we can help our clients inherit their abandoned inheritance, achieve their goals and live  in the power and fullness of God's original purpose for them.

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